“Wouldn't Trade This For Anything”
We’ve had our Hot Tub for a little more than a year now and we use more than we expected we would. No matter what the weather we enjoy using our spa, sitting in while It’s snowing or raining is wonderful, and surprisingly we don’t feel the cold temperatures once we get in it. At the end of a hard day or just a stressful day at work there is nothing as relaxing as 30-45 minutes In a Hot Tub we wouldn’t trade this for anything else - It is worth every penny we spent.
Judi & Joe
Coast Spas Owners
“The Novelty Has Not Gone Away”
After owning the spa for over a year it’s amazing to both my family and I that the novelty has not gone away!! To this day our family uses the spa on an average of 3-4 times a week (year round) and still going strong, with good times had by all.
Coast Spas Owner
"One Of The Best Investments I Have Ever Made"
My name is Mike I purchased a “Coast Spa” 2 years ago, it is the “Platinum model” with 4 jets, 2 4hp pumps, fiber optic lighting, with cover. Allow me to say this was one of the best investments I have ever made. I have not missed many mornings or nights since I got it. I always brag to my family and friends of the total relaxing feeling by being in the tub. I often watch an entire Browns OSU football game. I always recommend the “Coast Spa” to anyone interested.
Coast Spas Owner

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